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Wickey Case Study

Client Profile

Wickey is a European company that produces and sells children’s play equipment world-wide. From garden swings to commercial-grade installations, Wickey has provided the materials and information to build over half a million playsets. They also sell a wide range of other outdoor equipment.

Besides slides and a range of swings they have gym bars, spring rockers, sandpits, and many sizes of climbing frames. And each piece of equipment has its own instructions for setup. If the translations aren’t right, it can mean more than just a missed sale, it can mean a sale that turns into customer support, returns, and an angry ex-customer.

Client Challenges

Wickey needs many translators to sell such a range of products, and to explain their construction, across many languages. Translators must have marketing and technical language ability. They must also be available when new products are released or a new language market is opened. As a Wickey representative said, “It was not always easy to find the right freelancers for the different languages. This was also always very time-consuming: Looking for freelancers, negotiating offers, etc.” And part of the process is making sure the translator has the skills Wickey needs for their different materials.

Connect Global Solution

For Wickey, Connect Global provides a consistent, always-available check on translators. “The translations are always checked very quickly and we never have to wait long for a result.”

Instead of the random evaluation of one translator describing another translator’s work, Connect Global provides consistent reports on translations. “Before we started working with Connect Global, we checked the translations by freelancer or colleagues (if we had native speaker in the company).” That required finding another translator, and the first might have been hard to find. And how does each translator evaluate another translator?

Connect Global Language Quality Review (LQR) reports provides layers of detail from an at-a-glance score that rates the overall translation, to tables that quantify the types of errors and how many, and detailed tables explaining each error. “Since the same scheme is always used for the check, we can compare the qualities of the different languages … very easily.” The report is based on understandable criteria and point-assignments, so Wickey personnel know why any translation was evaluated as it was.

The reports are even useful as teaching tools to assist the translators. “Connect Global’s quality checks are very accurate and show exactly where the errors are. We always pass the feedback on to the translators and they use it to improve their translation.”


“Before we started working with Connect Global, we checked the translations by Freelancer or colleagues (if we had native speaker in the company).” Wickey now has a tool for fast, accurate double-checking of information that must be accurate and for testing translators’ skill in a language as well as company and technical terminology.

“Before we schedule new translators for translations, we always have their quality checked by Connect Global. This way we always make sure that their quality matches ours.” Language Quality Review (LQR) allows Wickey to have objective, quantifiable, and consistent feedback on their ongoing translation quality.




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