Terminology Management


Terminology management is an essential component for the successful delivery of global products and services. Multilingual communication depends on precision of expression and consistency of terminology in each language. Using the right word is fundamental to deploying multilingual documentation, and consistent terminology is a prerequisite for high quality product information, operating instructions, and user guides.


By creating multilingual glossaries of your core terminology, you will provide your customers, employees and vendors worldwide with a common language for all communications. This improves multinational marketing, promotes regulatory compliance, and controls the use of the brand of your product and company.


Our team of linguists can help you standardize, in one language or across multiple languages, the accurate and consistent use of the words and phrases that represent your company: product names, brands, trademarks, legal phrases, marketing messages, technical specifications, catalog descriptions and any other terminology that describes your business, products, and services.


Our terminology management services include:


  • Evaluation of existing corporate terminology
  • Creation or update of glossaries
  • Management and routine maintenance of terminology
  • Development of customized style guides