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Technical Translations

Professional translation services

Connect Global has been providing professional translation services to link companies with local markets for 15 years. Translation projects include technical documentation, user guides, installation guides, press releases, marketing material, and operating manuals for a wide variety of industries and specialties.

At the end of the translation process, each project undergoes strict internal quality controls in line with industry best practice (and according to ISO 17100 processes) to ensure the highest stylistic, grammatical, and terminological accuracy.

Technologies such as translation memories (TM) and advanced terminology management systems require training and experience to use efficiently. But their gains in quality, timeliness and cost are multiplied for large projects assigned to more than one translator.

A shared effort

Because we understand that each translation project is different, the team assigned to a given project will be customized according to the specific needs in that case.

When we select the resources for a technical translation project, the expertise and technical skills of each individual translator are taken into account. Project Managers, translators, editors, engineers, and DTP specialists work together with a common belief: the success of your translation project is only possible through a shared, connected effort.



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