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Whether you are taking your first steps into a globalized world or your large global firm is looking for more efficient and reliable language services, you’ve found a partner. We provide agile, scalable and reliable solutions for managing your multilingual projects of any size into over 100 languages, with the highest quality and the fastest delivery.

Using our innovative cloud technologies, our dedicated project management team, and our worldwide network of over 1,500 native professional linguists, you will minimize localization costs and efforts by 40% while accelerating your global content delivery.

Understanding your local customer mindset. A must.

When it comes to tailoring your multilingual content to engage your local customers and improve their buying experience, it is important to understand their mindset and take into consideration language and cultural nuances. Take advantage of our expertise and unmatched depth of resources to gain insight into your local customer experience and expectations that are invisible to most outsiders.

Every element of your business communications – from technical manuals, to website, e-commerce, marketing collaterals and multimedia – will read, feel, and work as if designed specifically for each local market.

Protecting your brand out in the world

As you go global, maintaining your brand can bring challenges. Everything that can be adapted should be adapted. And your prospective customers won’t respond to anything less than a fluent voice. We can help you find that balance.

Brand consistency is crucial in new markets. We guarantee our clients much more than a simple grammatically correct translation with no spelling mistakes. We protect the value of your products and services, ensuring they are delivered to foreign audiences with the same attention to linguistic and cultural detail as when they were created. It is our promise.

Quality is in the air

When it comes to global content strategy and delivery, translation quality can save a company millions. The cost of offending your potential buyers with insensitive marketing messages can be high and lasting. And re-positioning only raises that cost. Even something as simple as using a number or a color in a culturally inappropriate way can derail product sales and compromise your brand identity.

At Connect Global we understand that quality is a complex game. Quality is a shared philosophy, a deeply rooted and pervasive attitude that drives our people and processes — from resource selection and qualification procedures right through to translation process, workflow automation, and language technology deployment by means of translation memories and terminology management. Quality assurance is not an exceptional benefit – it is an industry standard. And you have the right to expect measurable quality control standards.

Global reach, local presence

We have access to the largest network of professional translators available today, with over 1,500 native speakers around the world, which allows us to cover more than 100 languages in key industries.

We have carefully selected industry professionals of the highest caliber who will respond quickly and effectively to all your translation needs. By integrating global and local capabilities, we can offer a rare combination: the right people, with the right skills, in the right place.

Nothing slips through the cracks

In our experience, quality deliverables and customer satisfaction are always closely linked to excellence in project management. Project management is key to your success — it allows integration of different tasks and services in a structured, logical, and well-organized process that maximizes efficiency and reduces the probability of making mistakes.


Thanks to our cloud-based translation management platform, you will have access to the most advanced language technology available to manage your entire translation process from request to invoicing, ensuring that each project is handled and delivered according to your expectations.

On time delivery

Customer retention

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You need fast, reliable and effective ways to manage your translation projects.

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