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Software Localization

Delivering software applications on a global scale depends on a seamlessly integrated user experience when interacting with your products and services. Appropriate cultural, emotional, and linguistic localization are all essential to customer acceptance.

Localizing software applications is exponentially more complex than just translation. From project kick-off to final delivery, you need to consider every element of the process and create a flexible, well-documented and highly structured workflow. It is a daunting task that requires a high level of expertise and preparation as well as a strong supporting technological infrastructure.

Every localization project is different. Technical requirements, deadlines, resources and client needs are only a few of the factors that vary dramatically from one project to another. This is why we have devised a proactive and flexible project management system, based on a personalized approach, to guarantee maximum attention to detail and the highest degree of client satisfaction.

Our team can take care of the entire cycle of your product localization, from the extraction of localizable content to software engineering and testing for different platforms:

Developing customized tools and macros

Graphics editing and screen capture

Linguistic and functional testing

Resource extraction and reintegration

Localized resource engineering

Bug fixing



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