Four Ways a Multilingual Content Quality Audit Can Save Your Marketing

Four Ways a Multilingual Content Quality Audit Can Save Your Marketing

In our on-demand world of mobile marketing and social media reviews, a poorly translated blog or social media post can be disastrous to your brand.

So…we translate our text into many different languages to encourage buyers to purchase.

It’s the perfect plan right?

Not really… there are many ways that generalized translation can bring about brand and reputation issues.

According to the Gallup survey of language preferences among internet users in 23 E.U. countries with the following findings:

  • Nine out of 10 Internet users said that, when given a choice of languages, they always visited a website in their own language.
  • Nearly one in five Europeans (19%) said they never browse in a language other than their own.
  • 42% said they never purchase products and services in other languages.

The big question is how do you KNOW if your translation is useful and correct for your buying audience?

Here are four ways that a multilingual content quality audit will help your marketing:

  1. Identify the Right Dialect.  Translation can be tricky when moving between languages.  This is especially true for languages with several dialects.  To make sure that your message and brand are translating properly, a systematic check of multilingual content can help you find deficiencies in certain language translation and problematic translations across different dialects.
  2. Poor Performance.  When content is not performing at the expected rate, especially as compared against other translations or regions, then a multilingual content quality audit can help you pinpoint the issue.  Perhaps the issue is that the words were translated incorrectly or the translation rendered unclear by layout changes, but looking into the reason for poor performance will help you make informed marketing decisions.
  3. Native Speakers.  In our connected world, native speakers of the language can provide you with valuable information about your content.  Through social media, email, and text, users are willing to share their opinions on your content and your products.  If you are receiving feedback that indicates an ongoing problem with the content or translation, then this could be an indicator that your content is not properly translated.
  4. Connect the Dots.  The often forgotten piece of translation is transcreation.  Transcreation allows for the adjustments of marketing messages and materials to suit the culture of the reader.  For some, the marketing materials might be an issue because an image or phrase is culturally offensive.  For others, awkward phrasing from that of cultural norms might cause the message to be unclear or difficult to understand.  Transcreation corrects the written and non-verbal cues to give the user the proper information in a way that is culturally acceptable.

Let’s face it…language is a living communication device used by living beings.  Specifically, this means that the words, phrases, and usage of terms will change over time.

Phrases and colloquiums change connotation at an alarming pace.  Smartphones with a constant connection to the latest celebrity video allow people to try on terminology and phrases like trying on new shoes. What is bad today might be “BAD” tomorrow.  If you have noticed a lack luster response to a marketing piece or product in a specific marketplace, then it might be time for a multilingual content quality audit to make sure your translation is properly speaking their language.

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