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Ping Identity Case Study

Client Profile

Ping Identity Corporation champions the unique identity needs of enterprises and simplifies how they deliver secure and seamless digital experiences for their workforce and customers. They help prevent security breaches, boost productivity and deliver personalized experiences.

With a world-class network of partners, their singular focus is on enterprise customers and their success. Over half of the Fortune 100 relies on Ping Identity for complex and highly technical solutions including security, risk management and administration, for a range of industries.

The company was looking for a new language service provider to outsource the localization of their industry-specific digital assets, including blogs, press releases, whitepapers and solution guides. Expecting exponential growth in volumes of content to translate, they needed a scalable and agile solution that would also provide the flexibility to include their local, in-country marketing managers as translation validators, granting full control over the final localized output.

Turning to Connect Global, they found an experienced partner with the global reach and unique technology solutions to help them champion identity for enterprise customers worldwide — and through a global pandemic, as it turned out.

Client Challenges

Like so many large global firms today, Ping Identity was using manual processes, such as submitting translations as spreadsheets. Not only did these processes delay publishing of new content, but even small updates required input from several teams and were time consuming. Client changes could not be saved easily, requiring constant rework and putting translation quality at risk. With offices in a range of time zones, on four continents, deadlines were often unreasonably tight.

“Previously, we were working with a company that had a completely manual process for providing source content and translations,” said Deborah Stephens, Web Content Manager. “For example, source content had to be put into a spreadsheet for translation. They also did not do any desktop publishing work, which required our designers to reflow translations themselves.”

Such environments also make it impossible to achieve consistency of terminology, tone, style or brand identity. And there is little control of the final translation quality. Communications produced in this manner can never appear fluent to global audiences.

Connect Global Solution

Switching to Connect Portal has helped Ping Identity streamline its translation workflow, as content exists online in a central location. The client can now submit translations in original file formats and track the status of each project at any time. And flexible delivery schedules allow Ping Identity to prioritize rush projects when needed.

Connect Global ensures consistency with a translation team dedicated to Ping Identity’s account. This team cultivates expertise in cybersecurity terminology to offer continuous improvement, with processes that comply with the ISO 17100 standard.

“The quality of the translations has been exemplary. Connect Global’s ability to grow with us and our industry as buzz words and nomenclature changes has been a great asset,” said Stephens. Unique cloud-based translation technology from Connect Global even allows Ping Identity team members to join the workflow as language validators. Before final delivery, desktop publishing specialists format files and ensure deliverables are ready to publish.


Ping Identity now enjoys consistent translation output and delivery schedule, with 24/7 project tracking and shorter turnaround times than before. Content management and design teams have seen workloads shrink even as content and projects have multiplied. In addition, language validators can now access translated files and validate them before final delivery. Updates are saved to translation memory and reused in the future, eliminating rework and error.

“The in-country reviewers appreciate the control they have over the usage of our distinct industry, product and process language. This type of control by our native speakers allows to translate terms or not translate terms as appropriate. The online review in the portal ensures a smooth transition from the returned files to the web page without worrying that something may not be right,” said Stephens.

Ping Identity now presents their cybersecurity and other technology solutions in multiple languages simultaneously, allowing them to truly champion identity for enterprises worldwide.

“With Connect Global we have greatly increased the speed at which we turn content around and taken an excessive workload off of our content management and design teams,” said Stephens.




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