Multimedia Localization


CONNECT GLOBAL provides multimedia localization solutions to support all the multilingual audio and video needs of your company, including the Flash animation of your newest product, interactive training for your teams around the world and promotional videos for the launch of new product lines.


Our team will work closely with your marketing and communications office to ensure that all audio/video media are ready for an international audience and to provide professional advice with suggestions on how best to run the project.

Multimedia localization must be approached professionally. Script writing, recording, audio-video synchronization, integration with Flash, post-production and other related activities must be performed by highly qualified people. Our team of experts will help you adapt your new multimedia product to the global market.


Our services include:


  • Transcription and translation of scripts
  • Content localization for audio-visual products
  • Recording by professional speakers in over 100 languages
  • Subtitle writing and translating
  • Converting recordings to new audio standards
  • Synchronizing, engineering, and testing on different platforms and formats.


Thanks to our multimedia expertise, we can help you complete all kinds of multimedia projects to meet the cultural expectations of a global audience.