Multilingual Desktop Publishing


Desktop Publishing (DTP) is often the last step of a typical translation project, at which the document is given its final appearance before publication either in print (books, manuals, magazines, brochures, etc.) or in electronic form (web pages, eBooks, newsletters, etc.)


qode interactive strataAt this stage nothing can be left to chance as even the slightest error can have serious consequences for the final result. That is why all desktop publishing services are carried out by graphics professionals working closely with language professionals. This is key to ensuring that no errors are introduced in the process and allows us to perform the final quality control on the formatted document in the target language.


The desktop publishing process includes:


  • Formatting and layout of the document as in the original
  • Content adjustment according to the length of the translated text
  • Localization of images or other graphics content
  • Creating and synchronizing abstracts and indexes for handbooks
  • Creating PDF and PostScript files for publication