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Language Quality Assurance

Reviewing and approving translations is a significant challenge for global organizations. Handling translation quality review by internal team, field marketing or sales organizations means pulling team members from their primary roles into a task that can consume days at a time.

By outsourcing to a partner with consistent standards, efficient technology and language professionals trained in your subject matter, you will get your products to market faster, knowing that you’re delivering quality product and content to the field that supports your brand.

Our Language Quality Review (LQR) service is designed to provide an unbiased review, quality evaluation and benchmarking of your multilingual content. Part of the LQR involves reviewing the consistency of the translated content against your language assets, i.e., style guide, terminology, and project specs.

Our senior linguists will review your translated content according to your quality expectations. When issues arise, each error is categorized and included in a scorecard with feedback and an appropriate resolution. The Quality Report scorecard can be passed to your translation team or vendor to be implemented on your current project or on all future projects. The feedback and performance results of our assessment allow you to track the quality performance of your teams, identify areas of improvement and take corrective actions, when needed.

Rather than a tool for evaluating the skills and competences of your translation teams or vendor, the aim of the Language Quality Review (LQR) is to ensure that the final translated content is technically accurate, meaning that it only contains proper grammar structure, no spelling errors, proper use of terminology and consistency in terms of grammar and style.

With our Language Quality Review (LQR) service, you can:

Improve the overall quality of your translated content.

Develop a commitment to quality through the supply chain.

Establish an enterprise-wide framework for translation quality.

Gain better visibility into your multilingual content.

Create a basis for evaluating service levels with translation providers.

We go beyond evaluating a translation for technical accuracy. Reviewers take ownership of your language asset maintenance and can be involved in terminology and glossary decisions. They can also be available to answer queries and discuss problems specific to their language, on your behalf.

Terminology Management

Terminology management is an essential component for delivering products and services in any language. But multilingual communication depends even more on precision of expression and consistency of terminology in each language. Using the right word is fundamental to deploying multilingual documentation, and consistent terminology is a prerequisite for high quality product information, operating instructions, and user guides.

By creating multilingual glossaries of your core terminology, you will connect your customers, employees and vendors worldwide with a common basis for all communications. This improves multinational marketing, simplifies regulatory compliance, and controls brand treatment.

Our linguists can help you standardize, in one language or across multiple languages, the accurate and consistent use of the words and phrases that represent your company: product names, brands, trademarks, legal phrases, marketing messages, technical specifications, catalog descriptions and any other terminology that describes your business, products, and services.

Our terminology management services include:

Evaluation of existing corporate terminology

Creation or update of glossaries

Management and routine maintenance of terminology

Development of customized style guides




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