Tech Tuesday: The Sound of Translation

Tech Tuesday: The Sound of Translation

Without a doubt, technology is changing the world. In the past, companies could slide by without globalization. The buyer was a known demographic with a set of buying behaviors, defined language barriers, and an identified cultural segmentation.

Consumers of the past could be easily clearly recognized and marketing acknowledged these preset demographics by targeting habitual behaviors.

DID YOU KNOW: “In 2016, total retail sales across the globe will reach $22.049 trillion, up 6.0% from the previous year. eMarketer estimates sales will top $27 trillion in 2020.” (source)

What does this mean for your marketing? Quite simply it means that the success of your marketing is dependent on the fluidity of the translation of your marketing materials into a global and local market.

You buyer is not limited to a singular choice anymore. With the breakdown of international barriers like language, your customer can seek products and services outside of their normal buying segmentation. With transcreation and translation, global products are accessible in local markets and local products compete on a level playing field for buyer attention in a global market.

Case Focus: Wavely Labs
The days when language provided a challenge for communication have passed quietly away with new technology to allow people from different countries to speak without months of language classes or a translator.

Yet, translation is as important as ever for businesses who want reach out to potential clients. Imagine the ability of your product or service to sell on the open market without a salesperson or marketing materials like brochures to explain the benefits of buying to the customer.

Now, suddenly, your marketing must be global enough to reach out to international customers and local enough to avoid offending cultural norms. Businesses are, all at once, competing in a large market and a niche market simultaneously.

With products like these ear bud translators from Waverly Lab, communication and speech move into the next generation of future life. As consumers travel and move into different buying markets with the comfort and ease of communication, the idea of a global economy becomes a reality and the need for marketing to reach out to these customers is imperative to avoid becoming obsolete.

Online marketing and sales have formed a direct pathway to customers across cultural and language lines to create a power consumer. Marketing must keep up with a globalized effort to appeal to this hybrid buyer and claim a piece of the trillions of dollars spent each year.




Your potential customers around the globe are more likely to make buying decisions from a website and marketing materials in their own language. Simply put – if customers can’t read or understand, they won’t buy. Market opportunities across the globe are massive and continually growing, but it is more important than ever to reach and engage your customers in local markets in their own languages when they are ready to buy. CONNECT GLOBAL delivers. We speak their language for you.

Through our innovative cloud-based language technology, CONNECT GLOBAL takes the worry of translation and localization service out of the equation by providing a pool of comprehensive, qualified project managers with access to over 1,500 native professional linguists around the world.

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