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ISO 17100 Certification

400 words on how this certification benefits clients.

Connect Global translation services system is ISO 17100 compliant. This means that engaging Connect Global for translation, localization, or transcreation projects can help you reduce your compliance challenges.

The ISO 17100 is an internationally recognized standard for the translation industry. This certification covers the essential processes for providing translation, interpreting, related technology, technical writing, content management, localization, globalization, and internationalization.

The standard establishes and defines the translator, their technical resources, and the quality of service. It outlines the service a client will receive within a standardized set of procedures and best practices.

It also integrates terminology used in the translation field, by creating a standard structure for translation services. It simplifies contracts and interaction between clients and translators.

Benefits to you:

This certification means you can count on Connect Global to provide a quality service through a fully traceable system, ensuring case files are fully backed up and retrievable, to avoid any loss of important work.

ISO 17100 also enables Connect Global to tender for contracts that require a recognized management system. Our base of satisfied clients is growing, as more companies recognize the necessity of both speaking to the world and complying with regulations everywhere.

In accordance with ISO 17100, Connect Global also ensures client cases are managed, coordinated, and scrutinized for accuracy by a qualified case manager, and reviewed by a qualified colleague prior to delivery—eliminating the margin for error as well as customer complaints.

Current and potential clients are assured that Connect Global follows a recognized specialist standard while undertaking all translation requirements by employing appropriately qualified interpreters, translators, and technical experts who undertake their tasks in a professional and effective manner to the latest industry standards.

Services covered by ISO 17100:

Commissioning work and translation

Proofread and review

Contractual requirement and project management
Traceability of the translation process

Overall quality management of the service

This certification makes evident Connect Global’s commitment to constantly improving our overall performance. Specifically, our ISO 17100-compliant translation services policies support efficiency, a strong customer focus, and enhancement of the long-term sustainability of our business. Clients around the world can continue to rely on Connect Global far into the future.

ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies). International organizations, governmental and non-governmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in the work. ISO collaborates closely with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) on all matters of electrotechnical standardization.

For an explanation on the voluntary nature of standards, the meaning of ISO specific terms and expressions related to conformity assessment, as well as information about ISO’s adherence to the World Trade Organization (WTO) principles in the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) visit




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