E-commerce localization


The market opportunities available across the globe are massive and continue to grow, but customer experience is changing radically. Online buyers are becoming more demanding and want to feel comfortable when making purchasing decisions. Simply put – if they can’t read or understand, they won’t buy. Communications must also be driven by cultural and emotional validation to be an effective touch point for every single market or region you want to target.


photodune-8965375-group-of-business-people-discussing-global-market-s-760x485It’s clear that your E-Commerce global business success depends on your ability to deliver instant, high-quality multilingual content to all your target marketplaces. Everything that can be adapted should be adapted. Your prospective online customers won’t respond to anything less than a consistent fluent voice.


CONNECT PORTAL, our innovative cloud-based collaborative translation management system, helps you manage all aspects of the localization of your E-Commerce site and get your content translated in a matter of hours. Take advantage of our robust integration with your E-Commerce platform via connectors and APIs to automate and simplify the entire localization process – from request to publishing.  When your product information is ready, you can select it and send it out for translation. Localized product information and content are delivered directly back into your E-Commerce platform, thus removing the need for manual file handling or processing.


Our innovative technological infrastructure supports and automates all activities of a typical localization cycle, including project request, translation project and workflow management, customer management relationship, invoicing management, preparation of quotes, project file management and quality management. It also includes a fast, easy-to-use CAT tool with advanced features, such as an intuitive, online Translation Workspace, built-in term bases, a real-time collaborative translation memory, a simple interface, and an issue tracking system. CONNECT PORTAL is free and available online 24/7 to all our customers with nothing to install.


  • TIME TO MARKET. Automation and integration enable you to eliminate delays in launching new products. Our agile, scalable, and automated solution allows you to deploy large scale, ongoing multilingual projects in a matter of hours.
  • CUSTOMIZED WORKFLOWS. Our technology is fully customizable and can be adjusted to client workflows. With our connectors and API capabilities, clients enjoy virtually unlimited integration and automation—no matter how complex their needs.
  • INCREASED EFFICIENCIES. Our advanced technological infrastructure offers process efficiencies that minimize cost and effort.