Digital Content Localization


In our highly dynamic digital world, you need to reach and engage your customers around the clock. To stay ahead of competitors, you need to deliver instant, high-quality digital content to your international customers to reach all your global markets simultaneously while  providing the seamless and holistic experience they expect.


b-jeffrey-veen-1024x576Digital customer experiences have become like a journey. Customers are becoming more demanding and want to feel comfortable quickly. Communications must be driven by cultural and emotional validation to be an effective touch point—for every single market or region you want to target.


By integrating global and local capabilities — the right people, with the right skills are in the right place — CONNECT GLOBAL can help expand your global business by optimizing brand visibility and delivering your localized content simultaneously in a matter of hours. We will help you capitalize on the power of the Internet without the problems that have hampered many other businesses in the past. Our linguists, translators, copywriters, and SMEs become your partners and advisors. They live and breathe where local customers do, bringing their personal point of view and input on dos and don’ts.


CONNECT GLOBAL has the resources, technological infrastructure, and processes needed to guarantee that your multilingual digital presence – including dynamic web and online content, social media, audio and videos files, graphics, animations, and images – has a professional representation in any language.


Our team of language professionals can help you with the following:


  • Localization and adaptation of online and interactive content
  • Localization of database or script content
  • Localization of graphics elements and Flash, multimedia and audio/video components
  • Quality control and post-localization linguistic and functional validation


Take advantage of our robust integration with your content/marketing platforms and our collaborative translation management system via connectors and APIs to automate the entire content localization process – from request to publishing.  When your content is ready in your CMS, you can select it and send it out for translation. You can get it back localized and ready for publishing in your platform in a matter of hours in a fully automated process.


  • TIME TO MARKET. Automating and integrating your localization efforts at every stage of content development enables you to eliminate delays in rolling out new campaigns. Our agile, scalable, and automated solution allows you to manage large scale, ongoing multilingual projects in a matter of hours.
  • CUSTOMIZED WORKFLOWS. Our technology is fully customizable and can be adjusted to client workflows. With our connectors and API capabilities, clients enjoy virtually unlimited integration and automation—no matter how complex their needs.
  • INCREASED EFFICIENCIES. Our technological infrastructure offers process efficiencies that minimize cost and effort.