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Accelerate your global content delivery. In every channel. In every language

Our innovative cloud-based technology automates the entire translation and localization process to push your global content delivery forward.

Global content delivery.
Re-designed around you.

CONNECT PORTAL is our innovative cloud-based translation collaboration solution that lets you manage multiple content sources, formats and target languages in one single platform. Our smart, customizable workflows produce a simpler, smoother translation process, reducing human efforts, saving clicks, and cutting time spent on your projects. The result? More work gets done faster and more effectively with less investment.

Your global content is delivered faster by 50% or more, eliminating repetitive manual tasks and freeing up your resources for more strategic work. If it sounds too good to be true, request a demo and let us show you how easy localization can be.

Any content. Any format. Any language.


Our technology supports virtually any file type and format to avoid long, tedious conversions.


Get your website translated with a single click to raise efficiency and improve turnaround time.


Update your multilingual product information in real time to reach international customers faster.


Integrate your content management system to handle multi-language content in the most efficient and user-friendly way.

An agile, scalable, automated process you would create yourself.

Translation projects can be submitted, tracked, and delivered in real time from the secure central location within CONNECT PORTAL.

Free and accessible online anywhere, anytime, with no installation, our portal supports and automates all the activities of a translation cycle, from request to delivery. It offers an agile, scalable, and automated solution for managing large scale concurrent multilingual projects.

Any content. Any format. Any language.


Submit a request through our intuitive portal from any device and choose your preferred workflow. Or use our integration connectors or APIs to automate the entire process and outsource your translation without leaving your application. Our portal will stay out of your inbox!


Get a centralized overview of all your translation projects, their status, associated files, and communications. You can review your quotes, manage language assets, track progress, and receive your invoices.


Get involved as a reviewer or validator without having to install desktop clients. Instead of sending revision notes and document versions, you can directly comment, bookmark, or flag projects in our intuitive cloud-based workspace.


Once the translation process is complete, content is delivered automatically into your system or to whomever you decide. Orders, invoices, and cost information are generated and updated automatically.

Robust integrations built with your needs in mind

Elevate your translation process by integrating your content management system with our translation platform through our robust connectors and APIs. You can flag your content for localization directly in your marketing platform in the desired languages and get it back translated within hours – ready for launch. Producing, managing, and delivering multilingual content becomes simple. Our connectors support virtually any CMS, application, or website to allow you to instantly transfer your digital content for translation in a fully automated process. Your platform isn’t listed? Don’t worry —we are developing new integrations every day, even for proprietary systems. Enquire to find out if your system is supported. If not, we can develop it for you.

6 key advantages for your global success.


Cut your turnaround times with streamlined workflows to deliver your multilingual content faster by 50%.


Eliminate tedious, repetitive mistake-riddled tasks like cut-and-paste to free up your time for more strategic work.


Whichever platform you use, our solutions are scalable to suit your requirements now and in the future.


Access our portal 24/7, from any device, anywhere, with nothing to install.


Our solution is provided for free to all our customers without costly subscription fees.


Robust privacy and security will preserve the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Instant AI Translations

Connect Portal can provide instant translations via MT Hive. Our machine translation engine is powered by advanced neural networks and AI technology to give you the best machine translation results available today for each language.

If you would like a human linguist to review the machine translation content to correct major errors and increase fluency, requesting post-editing is easy.

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