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AI Data Set Translations

Companies in nearly every industry are facing challenges in the age of big data. But the size of the challenge may be surpassed by the size of the opportunity presented by those incomprehensibly large datasets. As data volumes are set to continue increasing, companies must use every tool available to effectively leverage all that data for the success – and not be overwhelmed by it.

This is one more area where translation and localization services from Connect Global can help you reach customers everywhere, by translating those big datasets for artificial intelligence (AI).

In addition to translators, interpreters, and subject matter experts, Connect Global offers expertise in data annotation, categorization, evaluation, and validation. Our team members can work with everyone from your marketing managers to your data scientists to understand your data and show you how it can bring you business from everywhere in the world.

When datasets exceed the limits of traditional human translation, and even machine translation, they must be harnessed by AI algorithms to deliver all types of content as quickly as possible. This can include:

Text for tasks such as natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and cluster analysis

Voice recognition and dialogue collection

Messages and tweets

Scientific data, research, and anomaly tracking

Multivariate data such as financial, social media, or census data

Question and answer data




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